Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Why I Don't do Talk Therapy

New discoveries in the field of neuroplasticity of the brain show there are some things we can't talk our way out of! Trauma is a good example. Much of our talk comes from either the emotional part of our brains or the rational part. In working with trauma we need whole brain thinking and body-mind synchronization to access the depth of the issue. 

In my experience, traditional talk therapy can strengthen negative beliefs and thought patterns by giving time and attention to emotionally driven 'stories' of life experiences. When we are upset, our minds easily fall back into old patterns of thinking. On the other hand, being mindfully present with our thoughts and feelings lifts us out of reactive mode, helping us find solutions and the way out of confusion.

Traditional talk therapy usually takes a long time. Most of us can spend years sorting through the debris of our pasts. Once you are free from past trauma, I don't want to spend too much time focusing on what didn't work in the past. I want to address what is going on now. I want you to have tools you can use with whatever arises.

I want to offer you the most life changing tools and practices available. EMDR, mindfulness, and cognitive therapy are among the most effective methods I know of in the field of psychology today. All three of these methods focus on our thought processes. Our thoughts are directly linked to our emotions and health; and how we view ourselves, our lives, and our relationships.

Head Talk, Heart Talk, & Body Talk;
Most of our speech and thoughts comes from our 'heads'. Body-centered psychotherapy helps clients learn to speak from their hearts and bellies!  This lends a different dimension to cognitive therapy.

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