Saturday, April 27, 2013

Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence Video

Watch: Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence Video from HeartMath

Here are some of the research findings presented in this video:
  • The physical heart communicates with the brain.

  • The heart sends more information to the brain than the brain does to the heart.

  • Different emotions create different rhythmic patterns.

  • Heart rhythms can be intentionally shifted to reduce stress.

  • The heart's rhythmic patterns can affect decision making, creativity, emotional experiences and the ability to self-manage emotions.
  • A coherent heart rhythm pattern increase mental clarity and practical intuition.

  •  Reflections on what this might mean to us: The image below illustrates the flow of information and energy between two hearts. Is there a communication happening beyond what these people might be saying to each other? If one of them has unexpressed thoughts, feelings, or judgement about the other, might this be felt or perceived on some level? Might this indicate that when you are feeling comfortable or uncomfortable in the presence of another, that there might be a reason? How do you affect others: the people  you work with? your loved ones? the unknown people you pass everyday?


    ScreenshotThis picture illustrates the flow of information and energy between the members of a family. What does this mean about parenting? How are children affected by the positive and negative internal thoughts and feelings of their parents? We all want to teach our children certain things and yet some of the teachings that may have the biggest impact could be those we pass on without knowing: through our unexpressed emotions, attitudes, and intentions.  

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