Thursday, April 14, 2011

Are you the product of your childhood?

   Here is a link to an article in the Wall Street Journal article which states "The most prominent conclusion of twin research is that practically everything—health, intelligence, happiness, success, personality, values, interests—is partly genetic. The evidence is straightforward: Identical twins are more similar than fraternal twins in almost every way—even when the twins are separated at birth. But twin research has another far more amazing lesson: With a few exceptions, the effect of parenting on adult outcomes ranges from small to zero."

 Might this mean that you are, in fact, just who you are meant to be? How much of our lives do we spend trying to cover up who we are in the belief that we should be different than we are, or exhausting ourselves trying to reach unreachable goals of perfection?

How  might you live your life if you really believed there is nothing wrong with you? Think this through and you will no longer be looking for a therapist!

This is not to discount the effect of childhood abuse and trauma, however. See  The Symptoms of Traumatic Stress articles on this blog. The beliefs and thought patterns associated with such trauma often keeps us from being who we really are.  The resulting negative thought patterns and fear related behaviors are not reflective of true self.


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